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Formerly St. Louis Center for Family Development

Taking Back the Control: Non-Suicidal Self-Injury

In the 1990’s, Great Britain’s Princess Diana was one of the first high profile people to open up about her struggle with self-injury. Awareness about non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) has since continued to grow. Yet, it is still widely misunderstood and the behavior remains just as prevalent today. In fact, one study found up to 24 percent of … Continued

Overcoming Depression in a Marriage

Love is one of the most powerful and exhilarating emotions to experience, and when two people are happy and satisfied in a relationship, it flourishes. However, as life presents inevitable challenges, even the strongest of bonds will become stressed. Most couples do recognize that happy times will be interrupted by hardships at some point, such … Continued

Nancy Spargo to Present on Early Childhood Screenings at AlignSTL

On March 7 and 8, 2018, EducationPlus in conjunction with Ready by 21 will host the AlignSTL Conference at UMSL. Sparlin Mental Health CEO Nancy Spargo will co-present alongside Sanaria Sulaiman, Director of Project LAUNCH, about early childhood screenings for social emotional development. Spargo is the Chair of the Health and Mental Health Committee and a member … Continued

Preparing Your Family for an Adoptive Sibling

If you are preparing to adopt a child, you probably already have an inkling of how daunting a process it is — and just how rewarding it will be. It’s important, however, to remember that all members of your family are preparing to welcome a new child into their home, and some may struggle to … Continued

10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

For some people, the winter months are a welcomed time of year associated with festive holidays, snow days and family gatherings. But for others, this time of year might not be the season of Yuletide cheer. While mood changes, low energy and an increased appetite may just be a result of the cold weather, the symptoms … Continued

Confronting Childhood Trauma in Neighborhoods of Poverty and Color

More than 70 community professionals attended the forum, “Confronting Childhood Trauma in Neighborhoods of Poverty and Color” on Feb. 29, 2016, at Vision for Children at Risk. The forum was presented by the St. Louis Regional Early Childhood Council. The program began with viewing of the “Wounded Places” segment of “The Raising of America” series, … Continued

New groups helps immigrants, refugees find their way to services in St. Louis

Many organizations in St. Louis have made a concerted effort recently to be more welcoming to refugees and immigrants. But that doesn’t mean that when people get here they have an easy adjustment. That process should be made easier, some say, with a new effort called the Immigrant Service Providers Network. The group, announced Tuesday at … Continued

Archetypes: Nancy Spargo

An interview with Nancy Spargo, executive director at Sparlin Mental Health, LLC. Nancy considers herself a “builder” as she supports individuals and creates strong, healthy families through her work at Sparlin Mental Health. This family-centered social justice advocate is also an adjunct faculty member at Washington University’s Brown School of Social Work and Social Justice … Continued