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Formerly St. Louis Center for Family Development

Relationships can be complicated. But for some people, they feel impossible. If you feel discouraged about family life, friendships or romantic relationships, therapy may be the answer.

Identifying Relationship Difficulties

Relationships are an integral component of happiness and well-being. We live on this planet together, and that influences the need to foster meaningful connections within our community.

Family dynamics, acquaintances, friendships and romantic relationships are all ways in which we, as humans, relate to one another. For some people, these relationships are always a struggle, or seem doomed to eventually fall apart.

Are any of these scenarios familiar to you?

  • Do you have a hard time keeping friends or maintaining healthy relationships?
  • Have your relationships changed? Do they feel more strained, or have they always felt that way?
  • Do you struggle with your role within your family — whether as a parent, caregiver, partner, sibling or child?
  • Do you sometimes feel explosive anger toward others, or can’t stop yourself from arguing with them?
  • Do you have trouble coping with the challenges of parenting, or notice defiant and aggressive behavior from your child?
  • Do you avoid starting new romantic relationships or ending ones you know are not healthy?
  • Do you have difficulty with coworkers and bosses, and find yourself changing jobs frequently?
  • Do you avoid certain social situations or isolate yourself from others?
  • Do you rely on drugs or alcohol to “help” in certain situations?

These difficulties are actually very common. But that doesn’t mean you have to continue living without healthy, nurturing relationships. Therapy can help you develop the skills to create more satisfying connections with the people in your life.

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Learning to Maintain Healthy Relationships

At Sparlin Mental Health (Sparlin), our therapists use a variety of treatments to help you learn to make genuine connections and build strong relationships, while also addressing any mental health issues that may be contributing to your struggle.

People who have difficulty maintaining relationships may have underlying mental health conditions, such as Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Anxiety or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our therapists will help you address any existing issues, while also teaching you skills proven to improve your interpersonal connections.

With the guidance of a professional therapist, you can:

  • Set reasonable and personalized goals for your relationships
  • Develop an understanding of why difficulties happen
  • Clarify your role within each of the important relationships in your life
  • Identify and stop the negative emotions and response cycles within your relationships
  • Reduce conflict with loved ones
  • Explore your emotions within a relationship dynamic
  • Learn how to make informed decisions about your relationships with others
  • Practice healthy ways of relating to others
  • If you are a parent, we can help you rebuild your relationship with your child and develop a parenting plan based on your individual needs 

Let Us Help You Thrive

You have the ability to thrive within your relationships. At Sparlin, formerly St. Louis Center for Family Development, our licensed therapists and mental health professionals have the knowledge to help guide your journey through it. We also utilize a trauma-informed approach to mental health and are trained in proven treatments for people experiencing relationship difficulties. Find out more about our therapy options by contacting our office.